Monday, February 15, 2010


What's so great about Tallulah Twinkletoes products? They are INTERCHANGABLE! Bows and flowers can be used independently in hair, or clipped to a beanie or headband and switched out... so a bow you buy for your little girl can be used on a beanie when she's tiny, then a headband, then in her hair as she gets bigger!

Tallulah Headbands are crocheted and come in a HUGE variety of colors- and three different widths- 1", 1.5" and 2.5". They are tapered so that the clip can slide easily in and out for a quick change. Here are just a few examples (many more colors available!)...

(Priced at $2.00 each)


One of Tallulah's most unique and popular items, these beanies are gathered by a sash tied in the back of the hat. They are embellished with a clip-on bow or flower- so embellishments can be removed and changed to match different outfits. They can be found in a wide array of colors, and are sized to fit an older infant, up to an 8-9 year old child. (Priced at $15)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Infant Beanies

These beanies are made for little ones- particularly for newborns and young infants under 6 months of age. They come in a multitude of colors and can be embellished with bows or flowers- or purchased with an attached embellishment, such as the marabou pouf below...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FANCY Clippies and Tallulah Girl Clips

Tallulah Twinkletoes, you may have noticed, is a big fan of all things fancy- and the simple clippie is no exception! Fancy clippies are $2 a piece and can be decorated with anything from felt or tiny silk flowers, to buttons, butterflies, rhinestones- the options are limitless!

If those aren't fancy enough for you... then check out these little Ladies! These are Tallulah Girl clips- available in "Disney Princess", "Disney Fairies", Ballerina, fairy or other styles. Let us craft a little ballerina that looks like YOUR little ballerina! Tallulah Girl clips start at $7.

Handmade flowers

The very newest member of the Tallulah Family is the handmade flower clip! These handcrafted beauties come in a variety of sizes and colors and color combos- and three main styles...

The Peony...

The English Rose...

...and the Dahlia

Handmade flowers are handcrafted of high-quality organza, taffeta and tulle and hand-sewn (like all Tallulah Twinkletoes products) for extra-durablity. Prices start at $4 for mini flowers.


Small "Maggie" Bows

Small bows vary from "simple" to "embellished", "stacked" and "SUPER stacked" (below). They range in price from $3 to 6.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Medium "Sophie" Bows

Medium sized bows are made with 7/8" grosgrain and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Options include a "simple" bow (single layer of ribbon and simple knot), "embellished" bows (single layer with felt flower or button), "stacked" bows (two layers of ribbon), "super-stacked" bows (multiple layers of ribbon, embellishments, tulle, ric rac, etc.)

Prices range from $4 to $7.

Large "Annie" Bows

Large bows feature a 1.5" ribbon as their base and can either be simple (base ribbon with a simple knot), embellished (base ribbon with felt flower or button), stacked (more than one layer of ribbon), or Super-stacked (base ribbon with many layers- may include buttons, tulle, flowers, ric rac, etc.)

Large bows look fantastic alone, or clipped to a headband or beanie. They range in price from $6 to $9.


Tallulah Beanies come in two sizes- infant and infant/child. Child-sized beanies can be adjusted to become infant-sized with a ribbon sash. Beanies are embellished with a Tallulah bow or flower- which can, of course, be changed to match your little one's outfit.

Prices range from $12-15.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tallulah 'T's


There's NOTHING a little girl loves more than a big, foofy tutu! Put these fluffy cuties over leggings, jeans, shorts, a leotard or even a super frilly diaper cover! (For an extra polished ensemble- consider a matching hand-appliqued "Tallulah T" and a coordinating hair bow or flower!)

Here are just a few popular styles, (and even more are showcased in the fan gallery!)- and they aren't just for pink ballerinas! Consider a fancy tutu for a fun birthday girl outfit, a holiday, even a unique Halloween costume! Color combinations are virtually limitless- and embellishments are only limited by the imagination! (Popular choices include a bow, ribbon streamers, flowers, pom poms, even a poodle!)

All Tallulah Twinkletoes tutus are handmade of the softest, high-quality, made in the USA Tulle. Prices range from $20 for a simple infant tutu to $50 for an extra-embellished, extra fluffy adult tutu. (Yes, even adults wear them!)

You can see these and more like them at a Tallulah Soiree near you...